Fresh Pre-cut Christmas Trees




until our trees in the field grow to a harvestable size we'll only be selling fresh precut trees. We work closely with our supplier(s) to ensure they are cut very close to the time they are shipped to us. We know a fresh tree is a priority for you, and it is for us too!

Our tree lot will display approximately 35 trees at a time. When a tree is sold and removed from its stand, another tree is put in its place. This helps to ensure freshness of our pre cut trees and puts the trees in a rotation. This will ensure that you will have a variety of fresh trees to choose from to decorate your home for the holiday season.

Canaan Fir

  • Available

  • Excellent selection , ranging from 6 to 8 feet tall. 

  • $11/ft Premium Trees

  • Green to blue-green, short needles.

  • Cousin to the Fraser fir, similar coloring

  • Also called a West Virginia balsam fir (named for the Canaan Valley where they originate)

  • Fragrant

  • Good strong Branches, Easy to decorate, Good needle retention

  • Soft needles, easy to decorate

  • Very good needle retention

Cannan Fir
Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir

  • Available 2023

  • Spectacular trees from 8 to 10 and 10 to 12 feet!

  • Short Dark blue to green colored with distinct bluish/silverish color on underside of the needles.

  • Soft to the touch, easy to decorate

  • Very pleasant balsam fragrance

  • Excellent needle retention

  • The Fraser fir is an elegant tree. Its fragrance, full shape, strong branches, unique coloring and ability to retain its needles throughout the Holiday season make it an excellent choice as a Christmas tree.

Scotch Pine

  • Available -  limited stock

  • from 5 - 7.5ft

  • $9/ft

  • Beautiful, bright green needles

  • Stiff branches, easy to decorate

  • Excellent needle retention
Scott Pine
White Pine

White Pine

  • Not Available
  • Long (2 to 5 inches), soft, flexible needles

  • Bright green

  • Easy to decorate, but not good for heavy ornaments

  • Very good needle retention

Douglas Fir

  • Not Available

  • From 6-8'

  • Fine, soft green needles

  • Distinctive pine-like scent

  • Easy to decorate

  • Good needle retention

  • Douglas fir has been one of the most popular Christmas tree species in the Northwest for over 80 years. A quality Douglas fir will have a full conical shape with slender branches that are best for supporting strings of lights, garlands, and light-weight decorations.

Dug Fir
Concolor Fir

Concolor Fir

  • Not Available

  • Lighter green to silver blue coloring

  • Unique citrus aroma when needles are rubbed

  • Soft, short, narrow needles

  • Easy to decorate, strong branches

  • Excellent needle retention

Norway Spruce

  • not available 

  • Known for its radiant powdery blue to dark blue coloring
    Strong, stiff branches good for heavy ornaments

  • Very symmetrical form

  • Sharp needles so not as desirable for young children to decorate

  • Good needle retention
Norway Spruce

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