Pumpkin Patch

On our 3rd year of planting pumpkins we will have another 1/3 acre of growing area available to us. What does this mean for you? More and bigger pumpkins. We will be getting field pumpkins and the bigger larger pumpkins, the Ones that weigh 100 lbs or more. we will have 23,000 sqf of pumpkin growing area. This includes Indian corn other wise known as ornamental corn.

Pumpkin Patch

U Pick Pumpkins

Every year is different - We want to try a U pick pumpkin patch depending on how they grow. It may not be possible.

Pumpkins harvest time

should be late Sept thru mid Oct. We are adding an additional 1/4 acre field.  This should result in many many many more pumpkins and should allow us to be open much longer during the season.


Mini pumpkins               $1.00/ech

Pumpkins (small)           $2.50

Pumpkins Med /regular   $4.00

Pumpkins Large             $6.50

XLarge pumpkins          ~$12  depending on size

Indian Corn                   $2.50 3 per bundle

Cornshocks/bundled   Small $3.50  Large $6.00

Broom Cord Heads     ~3  $3.00  (Last year)

Broomcorn Shocks     $4.00   about 6' bundled

Gourds Small Bagged $4/bag about 8

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