we plant a new seedling for every tree you choose and cut down. Since we have just began all of our trees in our Choose and cut fields are only 1-2' tall and they will need to wait a few years sop that they can be cut to be placed in your living room.

We will be getting pre-cut trees next year for the 2020/21 Christmas season while our seedlings grow up to be the best Christmas tree to put in your house

The trees listed below are subject to availability

Austrian pine

Pinus nigra, or Austrian pine,

is native to western Europe. Introduced to this country in the mid-1800's, it has been planted extensively as an ornamental and conservation plant. In Kansas,

Noble Fir

(Abies procera)

The Noble Fir is a tall Fir tree that can reach heights of 50 to 100 feet in landscape conditions and 180 to 270 feet in native strands. The Noble Fir is a slow to medium growing tree

Fraser Fir

(Abies balsamea - Cooks Blue Improved)

The Balsam Fir Tree is a popular Christmas tree. The Balsam Fir tree can grow 45 to 75 feet tall.  

Douglas Fir

(Pseudotsuga taxifolia glauca)

The Blue Douglas Fir is considered one of the noblest forest trees, very ornamental, an excellent tree. It makes a nice short needle Christmas tree.

Norway Spruce

(Picea Abies) Lake States

Brought over from Europe. The Norway Spruce tree can reach heights of 40 to 60 feet. The Norway Spruce is one of the fastest growing of the Spruce Trees. Commonly used as a Christmas tree, wind break, or shelter.

White Pine

(Pinus strobus, Lake States)

The Eastern White Pine Tree is a very handsome and ornamental specimen; valuable for parks, estates and large properties. It is one of our best-selling trees.

Scotch Pine

(Pinus sylvestris, Central Massif – Auvergna)

The Scotch Pine tree grows 30 to 60 feet tall and 30 to 40 feet wide. It is valued for its picturesque character. The Scotch pine makes an excellent Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Pricing

All Pines  – $8/ft
White Spruce – $9/ft
 Norway Spruce – $9.00/ft
Fir (under 6 ft) – $10.00/ft

Douglas Fir $10.00/ft
Fraser, Concolor, or Canaan Fir Over 6' – $11.00/ft *

At this time we can not sell any tree under 5'

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